Frequently Asked questions and their responses. Contact us for more answers to questions not outlined subsequently…

What types of medicines are available on this website?

All FDA-approved medicines, including opioid pain relieversweight loss, Insulin Products for Diabetes, Sexual Health pills and anxiety medications, are available on this website. You can visit the All Product section for detailed information regarding the available products.

NB: You don’t find what are looking for, kindly contact us and we will get it for you.

Are the drugs you sell are safe and legal?

We are one of the FDA-approved suppliers, and we try our best to deliver you the safest medicine via legitimate sources. We strive our best to avail you of the legal and branded medication at an affordable price.

How can I place my order?

At SANTIMEDS, Placing an order on this website is as simple as ordering anything from any other e-commerce website. To place your order on this website, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the brand name or generic name of the medicine and select the required medication.
  2. Select dosage and list all the necessary medicines in the shopping cart
  3. Once you have done this step, click on proceed, enter your shipping address and billing address, and submit your order.
  4. Contact an agent via Whatsapp, call/sms, Livechat to pay for your order and once it is confirmed we will proceed with packaging and ship out, and also send you tracking information for your shipment.
What are the delivery charges for orders from SANTIMEDS?

We offer overnight delivery to the USA and Canada at $50. For a normal 3-day shipping, the charge is $19.99. All packages shipped to countries apart from USA and Canada do have 34.99 shipping charge standard shipping (2-5days).

We ship medications all over the world daily. Once payment has been issued, your medicines will be shipped out immediately and you can receive it as fast as possible. We sometimes, although rarely have delays due to customs.

What is the available payment mode on the website?

At SANTIMEDS, to shop with us, you can use all types of Credit Cards, Gift Cards (Google Play, Walmart, and Target), Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash, Money Orders like Western Union, MoneyGram, Zelle, Xoom and PayPal (deposits made as Family and Friends.)

P.S Often times our credit card systems don’t process all cards due to our banking policies and netword issues, so you might chose to pay with card and we email you to do a different method.

Are the medictaions at SANTIMEDS approved?

All our products are of the best quality and officially approved by the FDA facilities. We do provide genuine pharmaceutical products since SANTIMEDS is an Accredited Mail Service Pharmacy with URAC.

How is my personal information protected? Does the website follow laws to make itself safe and secure?

We have used the best techniques as suggested by state laws to secure your personal information with us. When you provide any details like bank account details, transaction details, or any other payment information, we ensure that these kinds of information are never shared or transmitted to any person, company, or third-party websites. You are 100% safe and secure when you visit our website.

What exactly happens after ordering?

Once you successfully place an order, kindly contact an agent to assist you with payment. You can contact agents on Whatsapp, Livechat and Call/sms. After payment is confirmed, we package your order and ship out and send you tracking information for your shipment. 

What is your refund and cancelation policy?

We offer full refunds without any questions if the package gets lost in the hands of the shipping company, or is seized by custom. We do NOT offer refunds if the package was shipped to a wrong address you provided. So, always make sure to type in your contact info correctly. You can also make a refund request in case your order does not arrive or is lost. Therefore, you can refund our products back to us if they got damaged during the shipping. You can also ask us to deliver the new product as well. 

To cancel your order, you need to do so before the shipment of the parcel; otherwise, we are not liable to make any refund.



Do I need to have a prescription to buy here?

No, you don’t need to have any prescription to buy medicines from our website. We have arranged doctors for your convince, who will listen to you, analyze your health condition, and prescribe you the medication without charging you. And according to the doctor’s prescription, we will deliver you the required medicines.

Product Expiration Dates

Both the FDA and European Medicines Agency require medications to be dispensed with an expiration date and lot numbers. Medications we ship ALWAYS have expirations 1-3 years from the time of shipment giving you ample time to use the medications.