Here SANTIAGO MEDICATIONS (SANTIMEDS) our mission is to uphold the best qualities of a good neighborhood pharmacy: convenient, clean, affordable, efficient, friendly, safe, discreet, dependable, and simply Ideal…… We are serving people by our cheap and legitimate services in prescription medications. We are based in USA, and serving our customer’s worldwide. We have a license to sell (prescription) drugs by the way of wholesale, issued by the government of the United States. We are official partners with PharmaGen Research Laboratories Pvt Ltd and there is 7 online pharmacies partner with us.

We do online pharmacy business by the way of wholesale and dropship both. We do serve people with our fast, secure and discreet shipping of prescription medications. So we do ship prescription drugs worldwide at the doorstep of our customers with convenient and secure services.

Below is step by step presentation of how we do business

  • 1) Customer sends his/her order to Garvin Grey Pharmaceuticals
  • 2) The customer receives an order confirmation email with payment details
  • 3) Customer sends payment for his order
  • 4) Staff receives order and does verification payment
  • 5) Staff forwards the order to the shipping department
  • 6) Shipping department packs the packages and sends on customers address through the carrier
  • 7) Package delivered to the customer

Initially, we have started this website with the sole purpose of sharing all the quality information related to medicines and medical conditions. We also share updated information about several health issues and their treatment that include both medications and therapies.

But now, we have expanded our horizons and stepped into the market as an authorized and legitimate online pharmacy store where we strive our best to provide our customers all controlled and scheduled medications at affordable rates.

santimeds.com is a user-friendly website where you can easily access the required information and order your medicines without any unnecessary troubles. We also provide our customers other facilities like different payment gateways, express delivery, refund or return facility to make their shopping easy on our website.

Moreover, we also provide treatment guides on our website that you should follow after consulting your doctor.

SantiMeds is started with the intention of bringing awareness about health conditions that are often swept under the rug and forgotten. The sheer lack of knowledge in and about health issues and the medicines associated to deal with those problems is appalling.

We, on our website, maintain a good database of information about health issues and what medicines can be taken to treat a specific problem. We also keep updating the health and drug tips in order to give you a better understanding of your body and health.

Santiago Rivera
CEO / Founder

After decades, we grow better and safer. Prescriptions can also be issued at SANTIMEDS.

Michael scott

Provide high grade medications directly from the top pharmaceutical companies.

Jane Hendrix

With soo much experience from my years in the field, your customer support is guaranteed.

Christopher johnson

Packaging, handling and shipping made easy. You need not fear any damage to your package.